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Waterboarding. Abu Ghraib. Detaining terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Dissing Hans Blix. These, as seen by the Left, are the cardinal sins of George W. Bush’s administration. Set aside the fraternity party-like nonsense that took place at Abu Ghraib and what’s left are actions taken to protect U.S. interests. Read the rest of this entry »


The Obama administration is beginning to impose new regulations on Wall Street and the financial industry. The “watchful eye” of government, of which the President spoke in his Inaugural Address, is being fed an endless supply of No Doz. With home prices down, unemployment up, retirement funds slashed, and investment fraud exposed, the public is hungry for action, and government expansion is the daily special. Congress has already delivered the second half of Hank Paulson’s $700 billion. Next is the $825 billion “stimulus package.” After that is passed, new regulations will be implemented — domestically and internationally. Read the rest of this entry »